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Today is Thursday, February 11, 2016
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Many people seek more information about the Greater Dallas Razorback Club. From an organizational perspective, the GDRC is the Texas outpost of the Razorback Foundation. The GDRC is a non-profit entity that supports University of Arkansas athletics.
But the essence of the Greater Dallas Razorback Club is the large group of Razorback fans across the entire state of Texas who enjoy nothing more then exchanging Wooo Pig Sooiees at football and basketball watch parties. In addition to the watch parties, the GDRC sponsors other events such as the Spring BBQ with guest speakers from the University of Arkansas and football and basketball preview meetings featuring Arkansas coaches.
Other benefits from GDRC membership include the Hog Call, a bi-monthly newsletter that is distributed to all members and football and basketball media guides that are produced by the Arkansas Sports Information Department. A variety of merchandise with the GDRC logo can also be purchased at our watch parties.
If you are already a member of the Razorback Foundation, then you can also become a part of the GDRC for absolutely FREE!! Just contact the Foundation and let them know that you want to be a member of Club 26. The Foundation also requires that every member re-select their local club every year, so when your renewal comes up, again, make sure you write down that you want to be a part of Club 26.
For more information about joining the GDRC, fill out this form on the website, contact the membership committee, leave a message on the GDRC Hog Line at , or mail us at:
Greater Dallas Razorback Club
P.O. Box 800037
Dallas, TX 75380